About IIHS

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Nestling in the lap of magnificent Himalaya, in the north-west India, the Himachal Pradesh University established in Summer Hill in Shimla in July 1970, through an act of state legislature, is one of the leading affiliating-cum-residential Universities in India. It has a beautiful and sprawling campus spread over 200 mountains and a lush of rhododendron, silver oak, pine and deodar trees. Its salubrious climate and congenial atmosphere is ideally suited for higher studies and research. The Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies (UGC Centre of Excellence) has been set up by Himachal Pradesh University vide notification no. 9-42/2002-HPU (Genl.) dated 1.4.2002 and hence came into existence with effect from 1st April 2 002. As per UGC directives, the institute has academic, administrative and financial autonomy for achieving "Excellence Plus".

Himalayan region is rich in both natural resources and cultural heritage. The present venture is to try and bring the hidden treasures into limelight. The mission of the institute is to create an integrated knowledge base and evolve strategies for the development of the Himalayan region and its people through research, academic courses of practical utility and service. The institute has since its inception been moving steadily towards the fulfillment of its mandate. Its significance lies in influencing development decisions and actions by compiling and providing concepts, strategies, solutions and lessons from past experiences. The institute will make available perennial flow of information for the development planners. It will generate and synthesize the knowledge required to utilize the resources in the Himachal Himalayas more effectively and to deal with the problems of the region. The institute visualizes an important role for itself in bringing into focus the hitherto scattered areas relating to men, women and resources in the Himachal Himalayas.