Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal - Director

Institute was born about eleven years ago out of the deep rooted concerns of University's academic community for preserving the legacy of Mighty Himalayas. Hope that was seeded in the year 2002 has grown up as a full blooming tree. The Institute is serving the people in the Himalayan region through its comprehensive research, academic programmes and extension activities. It gives positive impression of highest academic & research excellence.
Starting of innovative programmes has added a feather in the Cap of the Institute. We are building a future full of positivity and zeal, a future where every venture will flourish and cynicism will be something of the past. The Institute boosts of highly meticulous, well-organized and skilled faculty. The amiable atmosphere of the Institute will not only enable the students to acquire knowledge and skills but will acquaint them to meet the challenges of contemporary world. This is an all-inclusive Institution, which infers the need for outstanding teaching and research. But, for attaining strength and intensity, these must be grounded in a dynamic academic culture. Though the Institute has soared new heights, a lot more is yet to be apprehend. Innovative concepts are to be put in place to achieve the envisioned standards.
We aspire to create a sociable milieu that supports teaching, learning and research. The Institute has, for more than a decade, been devoted to foster research which can contribute genuinely to the Himalayan society. Our challenge for the future is to build on this strong base to establish ourselves confidently among the top Institutions.

Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal