Prof. V.K. Mattu- Director

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Welcome to official website of Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies.

It has been rightly said:

Education without character, Politics without principles, Science without humanity, and Commerce without morality are not only useless, but positively dangerous.

This must be the dictum of any research and academic institution because virtue is the sign of a knowledgeable person, and this is what makes education worthwhile. From a modest beginning in the year 2002, the Institute has now attained a unique distinction in the field of research and academics in the entire Himalayan region. The guiding philosophy of the Institute, throughout, has been to create an integrated knowledge base and find strategies for the development of Himalayan region and its people through research and academic courses so to create a synergetic impact. The Institute fosters and nurtures various research and development programmes based on its mandate. To achieve its mission in new and powerful ways, each member of its staff is striving hard to achieve excellence in each of its endeavour – be it research, education, consultancy or extension.

Research is undertaken for strengthening the knowledge base relevant to Himalayan region. Consultancy services are provided to various governmental and non-governmental organizations for handling their research oriented problems. Organization of extension activities and interactive session with eminent researchers and academicians is helping in grooming the talent of research. From the day of its inception, IIHS nurtured a dream to achieve ‘Excellence Plus’. Today the dream has turned into a reality as IIHS staff has gained due recognition for their academic and research excellence.

An effort has been made to present before the users, a user-friendly and informative website so as to ensure that all the information one wishes to gather about the institute are available on it. We will be updating the website and the feedback of users will truly be guiding us in this process.
Wish you happy browsing

Prof. V.K. Mattu
Director, IIH