Objectives of the Institute

service 1


  • Act as a nucleus of academic and research activities in Himachal Pradesh University and region by way of creating an enabling environment for sharing resources and skills
  • Build an integrated knowledge base of socio-cultural, economic, political, physical and biological resources
  • Bring about research leading to the formulation and implementation of suitable policy for inclusive development
  • Conduct academic courses including short-term certificate and diploma programmes and long-term program leading to Ph. D in inter-disciplinary fields. ü Help Himalayan people to improve their quality of life through gaining information on new discoveries, initiation into new technology and imparting of employable skills
  • Cater to the informational needs of stakeholders by developing state -of -the-art library and documentation center, information exchange system, archives and museum and a series of publications on themes relevant to sustainable development
  • Collaborate with related institutions in its endeavor to realize its mission
  • Organize national, regional and international seminars, workshops, training programmes, conferences in the thematic areas identified by the Institute from time to time
  • Perform such other related activities as may be appropriate in the accomplishment of its mission