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Date: May 10, 2011 | Author: S.P. Bansal & Prashant Gautam | Category: Sustainable Tourism
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Sustainable Tourism Development
A Himalayan Experience

Ever since the realization of tourism as an industry, it has grown manifold in a very short span of time. This industry offers an excellent opportunity for economic gains, international understanding and local development. In terms of infrastructure for tourism, identification of new concepts, diversification within the industry, emerging markets and trends, tourism planning and development are necessary. For the development of tourism in a sustainable manner there must be a positive synergistic relationship among tourism, locals, biodiversity and the management.

The present book discusses the topics like defining tourism; tourism development and trends; sustainable tourism planning; tourists' profile; relationships among the stakeholders; key issues; relation between tourism, recreation & leisure; and impacts of tourism worldwide. The main objective of this book is to study the sustainable tourism development and the related issues with special reference to Himachal Pradesh.

The book focuses on tourism development and tourism trends in global, Indian and Himachal perspective. It also takes into account the tourism resources of Himachal Pradesh. Further to reveal the actual tourism trends in the state, the book tries to find out the profile of national and international tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh. The book also contains some case studies of sustainable tourism development in Himachal Pradesh, Which show how tourism has the potential to provide many changes that can have positive and negative impacts.

Efforts have been made to give some practical suggestions for the development of tourism on sustainable basis.

ISBN: 8173872023| Year / Edition: 2007 | Publisher: Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi| Pages: 240|Size / Format: 8.5" X 5.5" / Hardcover| Price: Rs. 500